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Crime Prevention 

Hello and welcome to the Neighbourhood watch link for Hampstead Norreys. West Berkshire is a very safe place to live with low crime levels, particularly in Hampstead Norreys.


Thames Valley Police

Call 999 for an emergency and 101 for all non emergency enquiries



Bucklebury and Downlands – your neighbourhood and officers


Aside physical crime reduction methods that help to make it more difficult to commit crime, knowledge and input from residents living in the area is equally as important.

Crimes have been prevented and successful convictions achieved due to members of the community being vigilant, responsible, knowledgeable and reporting suspicious activity to the Police at an early stage.

The Bucklebury and Downlands Neighbourhood team are urging the public to join the battle against crime by logging their valuables on the Immobilise National Property Register which allows police and the public to work together to make stolen items too hot to handle.

Residents can enter the details of their possessions on the free website and report when they have been stolen.

Police officers not just in Thames Valley Police but around the UK can then check the details of items that they find or seize against the database. By confirming that the seized items had been stolen, officers can then look to prosecute whoever they were seized from and can return the valuables to their rightful owners. Our Rural crime team PS 212 Hawkett and PCSO c9414 Colin Reeves are holding horse tack marking and tool marking events in and around West Berkshire. Please keep an eye open our social media site's for further details.

Thames Valley Alert - We believe that by improving the flow of information between the community and its police we can all make a greater impact in the prevention and detection of crime and anti social behaviour.
There is a local West Berks feed that can be found at


but it only has press releases on there, not all of the Thames Valley Alerts that are sent out. If anyone wants the updated information for themselves that should register at:




Our vision

Thames Valley Crimestoppers believes that everyone has a responsibility to help keep their communities safe and free from crime. But not everyone feels confident to speak out. That’s why our committee works hard to promote the charity’s Anonymous Online Form at every opportunity.
We want everyone to know that they can give information on crime and criminals without having to give their own names and without fear of having to go to court, retribution or betraying someone’s trust.


Thank you for looking and supporting crime reduction in the area.