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Activities since 2007  


Xmas Tree Collection 2008

In conjunction with Newbury District Council, who provided a shredder (with operator) and collection vehicle, villagers were able to leave their Christmas trees outside their homes: helpers collected these and transported them to the Village Hall car park for shredding. WBC and Veola have since introduced a Xmas Tree collection system throughout WBC.


 Millenium Hedge Update 2008

Following on from the hedge which villagers planted to celebrate the millennium, a hedge "tidy" and new hedging around the recreation area was planted.




 Litter Picking April 2009

An organised litter pick took place around the roads and footpaths in the village.




Foothpath Clearance
March 2009

Where footpaths around the village were blocked, clearance was arranged and performed by members of the group.





 Daffodil Planting from 2011

The environment group and villagers carried on the tradition of planting daffodil bulbs around village public areas.





 Well Garden from September 2007 to the Present Day

The biggest challenge the group took on was the resurrection of the Well Garden
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