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 If you’re aged 10+ / Yr6+, you can join HN Youth for FREE

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 Set up in 2013, HN Youth exists to give young people who live in Hampstead Norreys a voice and ensure they have access to facilities and activities, either local or further afield. 





Highlights since then have included:

Regular sessions on Tuesday evenings with a variety of activities

Purchase of portable skate ramps with the help of a grant from West Berkshire Council and fundraising by HNY members

Young people joining in with more village events
Participation in residential leadership courses
Members organising a cake sale to raise money for the new shop extension
Streetdance sessions and performance

Trips to Thorpe Park, Gravity Force and bowling

Fit4Youth programme about healthy lifestyles
Christmas bingo



HN Youth is run by a small group of volunteers from Hampstead Norreys. If you are interested in supporting the young people of our village, get in touch by clicking here .