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Oil for RG18 Buyers Group

Started in November 2008 by James Hudson, the "Oil for RG18 Buyers Group" currently have over 170 houses in Hampstead Norreys.

In the last year the group has saved on average 7% as compared with the the lowest generally avalable prices.

The scheme is run by an unpaid volunteer and this role has recently been taken over by Sunny Montegue. 

Anyone wishing to join should contact Sunny via e-mail and she will send out full user instructions. Sunny is only responsible for the co-ordination of order placement and any queries relating to delivery, pricing, or account queries should be made directly with JPS the present contractors.

JPS can be contacted on 01635 777080.

Members of the group are contacted at the beginning of each month by email to remind them that an order will soon be placed. Members should then immediately advise the co-ordinator of the amount of oil required in the next scheduled delivery. After a couple of weeks, to allow users to respond, an order is placed with the suppliers, and delivery takes place three to four days later. An email is sent out to advise the delivery day and also the price obtained. The users pay the supplier directly.

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