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This local branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL) is delighted to have been asked to join the Hampstead Norreys Partnership as an associate charity. The RBL’s mission is to support ex-servicemen and their families. In Berkshire each financial year, the RBL distributes such support to the value of more than one million pounds to welfare cases.

The success of the Poppy Appeal in the autumn of each year, which is how this support is made possible, depends on keeping the Legion’s mission in the public eye through its network of local branches such as ours. We organise an annual Remembrance Day service and parade in one of our catchment villages, on a rotational basis, to further this cause. We also appear at a village fete, hold a fund raising annual lunch and arrange outings to places of relevant interest. 

We hold meetings every two months on the middle Wednesday of the month at the Swan East Ilsley.

The Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO) in Hampstead Norreys is Lyn Davies who can be contacted at  lyn@daviessailing.co.uk or 01635 201059. 

Finally, our small branch is always looking for new members. Please consider joining. You do not have to be ex-services but only supportive of the charity’s objective - that being to support the serving and ex serving communities. The membership annual subscription is small at £15 but your joining will help keep the Branch alive and healthy. To join, please contact the undersigned. David Norbury TD, tel 07770 326128 email davidnorbury@btinternet.com

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