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Village Well Garden 

In September 2007, as a result of the Parish Plan, it was decided to restore the Well Garden. Vanessa Maskell drew up a plan to use plants which were able to cope with the conditions that this site posed.

Several of us got together to complete what turned out to be quite an arduous task - see the story of the well garden development.

Since then working parties have spent approximately 2 hours 2-3 times a year to maintain the garden. However this year, due to the flood, we were unable to get into the garden until approximately a month ago and even then it was too wet to do much. The garden is such a feature in the village now and has been much admired. It would be a shame to see it return to the jungle it was, to lose all that hard work, not to mention the money that was spent on it.   

Many of the original volunteers are now unable, for various reasons, to help any longer.So please all you gardeners or any-one who can wield a fork, we need your help.  Any time at all that you can spare would be most welcome.  At most it will only be 2 hours 2-3 times a year.

I am proposing several possible dates for the work to be done. If you can make any or all of the dates please let me know and I will let you know which dates are best for us. 

2nd August 16th August 23rd & 24th August 13th & 14th September 20th & 21st September  

You can contact me Kate Layton on 200766 or email   kate-layton@outlook.com

If, however you can’t make any of these dates and would still like to help, now or in the future, you please let me know. Just let me have your details and I will contact you when we propose to do work again. You might even prefer to do a week day.